Distribution Biz

Distribution Service

As an official agency of "With SK m & service", we are supporting the development of channels for win-win cooperation with SMEs.

It offers opportunities for sales and sales expansion of superior products by utilizing various channels online and offline and distribution networks. In addition, we contribute to the development of SMEs, national industrial competitiveness, and brand inventory by enhancing the reliability of competitive products and improving customer awareness.

  • Only products that have passed the "With SK m & service" certification will use the with SK m & service Logo in the product package.
  • Through the "SK m & service" program certification mark and standardization of package design, we can increase the reliability of our products and secure customer recognition.
  • Provides opportunities to increase sales by utilizing various direct and indirect channels of excellent SME products.
  • Leveraging the related channel of “SK m & service”, we support the sales of employees and customers by entering SK Group channels
  • MNC International is an excellent partner of the "With SK m & service" certification program.